Me, A Cover Girl!

OK, so ~2 months ago I wrote an email to Kiplinger’s Magazine asking them some financial advice. I wasn’t really expecting much of an answer, but I thought, what the hooey. Well, I got not only an answer, but a phone call from one of the big wigs at the magazine. We talked for ~40 minutes and he ended by saying that he may call on me sometime if he needs to write an article about mutual funds for short term investing (which is what we talked about). Long story short, we are not only going to be in an article, we are going to be on the COVER of the magazine!! AND we are not only going to be on the cover, but we are going to be on the cover of the “Best Mutual Funds” issue, the best and most popular issue of the year!!! WOW!! All because of a little question. So, now they are sending down photographers to spend the day with us, do our hair, buy our photo clothes and get shots for the cover and one for inside the mag. Isn’t that crazy!!

So, since my business might be mentioned in the article, I’ve decided it is time to do a total overhaul to the website, product inventory, etc. If you have any suggestions for new products that you might like to see, or anything else, please let me know!

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