Overheard in the Car Today

Leif – (walking up to me with his hands on his hips and a stern look on his face) “Do you think I might want some marshmallows?”

Me – “Well, I bet you do.”

Leif – “Good.  Then you may bring me some.  I’ll be with the kitties, and by with the kitties I mean in my room!”


Later on –

Toby – (seeing Leif making a mess with his yogurt on the kitchen table) “Let me get you a napkin.”

Leif – “I already have a napkin, and by napkin I mean my tongue!!”



(I think someone’s been watching too much Phineas and Ferb!  And by Phineas and Ferb I mean Dr. Doofinshmirtz)

Overheard in the Car Today

Leif (singing and dancing) – “Mightin Machines!  Friggin Mightin Machines!  Workin’ for you, doin’ mightin things, they’re , uh uh, Mightin Machines!”

(I find it interesting that my son would assume they said “friggin mighty machines”, instead of “big and mighty machines”.)

Overheard in the Car Today

(Well, actually in the living room)


Leif – “DADDY!  DADDY! Mommy’s knitting you some blue and yellow socks FOR A PRESENT!!!”

Me (whispered to Leif) – “Leif, that’s a secret.  Don’t tell daddy!”

Leif – “Never mind, Daddy.  It’s a surprise!!”


Whew!  Glad we avoided that slip up!