Crazy Lady!

You can call me that if you like!

This Sat. Toby helped me finish up a new little chicken hut that I’d started. It’s a 3’x4′ shed that sits at the edge of the fencing of their run. The back side opens so I can put their food and water in. That way, their food and water isn’t sitting out in the elements. It use to be in the coop, but kept getting pooped on when they roosted at night.

This Sunday Toby and I started on our Guest house. It will be a 12’x12′ room with a 6’x12′ loft… a cute little cottage for little retreats. (Our friend who is currently living in a tent will move in there once it’s done in exchange for some help with the land and when the little one is born.) And this one will be painted yellow!
Here’s the location… to the far right of the cabin and storage building, where Toby and Kaia are (can you see them?)-

Kaia helped sketch things out for us on her drawing board-

We built the foundation-

And just like the first time around, Kaia helped Toby put down the flooring-

On Monday, I got out and planted 6 fruit trees… 2 apples, 2 pears, 1 cherry and 1 plum. I wish I’d gotten a picture of me swinging the mattock 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m taking care not to over exert myself.

Yesterday, I went out to the last hoop jam of the season, and I dressed for the occasion. My hot pants got me asked out! I told him “thanks but I am happily married and expecting my second child”. He said “I don’t care” :-O

Today, I planted 5 more trees… 2 English Walnuts, 2 Persimmon, and one more apple! Wahoo!!! I can’t wait for harvest time!

This weekend, I get to take a wonderful break at the SE Women’s Herb Conference. It’s my ‘ME TIME’ of the year!

Hooping progress

My hooping progress is slow going. I only get to hoop for ~30 minutes once a week. But, I make the most of that time and usually end up getting nauseas from all the spinning 🙂

So, here’s a little video for you. I was working on angle hooping and trying to get it to flow a little better. As you can see, at the end, I started getting a little dizzy 🙂 Damn that inner ear!

Hoop Path Workshop

I spent this past weekend in Carrboro for a hooping workshop and I have wanted to post about it, but I don’t know how to put it into words. When most people think of hooping, they might imagine just spinning this circle around your waist. But hooping has become so much more, especially after this weekend. Baxter, the hooper who taught the class, got into hooping after he had a shoulder injury. It was his method of physical therapy. But, through that, he had developed his own hoop mythology. So for three days, we learned about the story of the Maidan (pron My-dan), who hooped to get closer to the spirit wind. He is an amazing story teller, and I really felt myself becoming a part of the story. We learned about the belief, strength, and grace it takes to hoop (and do anything in our lives for that matter).

There were 3 three hour workshops, a fire ceremony and hooping on Sat. night, and a Hooper’s Ball on Sunday.

As you can see, on Sunday, we really got to cut loose and strut our stuff! (that’s me on the right with the big white feather on my head):-) I’ll get some video footage up soon…


Fun in the sun!

Can you believe the weather today?!? It got up to 80 degrees here!

Well, I spent last night frantically cleaning the house getting ready for my hoop class. I invited 19 people and had 10 confirmed “Yes”. I spent this morning setting up the front porch, cleaning the dog poop out of the front yard and making this great home-made salsa for the pot luck. Everything was ready to go for the class at 4. Then I waited… and waited… and 4 o’clock rolled on to 5 o’clock. One friend came at 5 (and I already knew she was going to be late). So, now I have to ask… what happened to the rest of them?? I knew there was a possibility that some might not be able to make it, but I have to say that I was a bit perturbed when only one person showed! I was only giving this class because I was asked to, repeatedly, by many of these friends. I spent a freaking $160 on supplies to get all the stuff I was going to need for a class of ~10 people! Now I am stuck with all this stuff that I didn’t want in the first place. I plan on making all these hoops myself and selling them at the next festival I go to, or something like that, so I can make some of this money back.

At ~6:00, my neighbor and his family came over and hooped for a while. It was his 30th birthday, so it was nice to be a part of his celebration. That lightened my mood a good bit. And, I did make a few really cool hoops. I even made K. a sparkly, purple one for her to hoop with.

And what did K. and I have for dinner? Good guess… chips and salsa!

Hoop Class

I took my last of four hooping classes tonight (a nice little break from listening to the poll results). I’m getting more fluid with moving the hoop around and still really enjoying it! After class Julia did a fire hoop demonstration.

That’s me in the middle
Hooping blindfolded
The offer is still open for anyone who wants to learn to hoop…I’ll make you one for free!!!!

Hooping Mama!!

I went to a hoop workshop today put on by Spiral Hoop Dance and had the best time!! It was so much fun to get out there and hoop with everyone. There was an informal question/answer session going on while we all hooped. There was also some drumming going on, which made for great hoooping music. I think I hooped for about a hour straight!

some hoopers

Vivian, aka Spiral of Spiral Hoop Dance


OK, I think I may have figured out an exercise I can do.

Twice a week, the local co-op has music and food on their front lawn, and every week the Spiral Hoop Dancers bring lots of hoops and dance to the music. They bring extras for everyone else to try. So, remembering how I won that pre-school hula hoop competition and seeing what a great abdominal work out it is, I decided to get one. It’s a little embarassing to relearn the hoop infront of a hundred people. So, we went home and hooped in the rain last night (that sounds a little obscene, doesn’t it?). I still may start swimming again. But, this way, I can work out (and have fun) at home with out having to drive somewhere or pay a membership fee! Plus, in a couple of years, K and I can hoop together!!