Vampire on the Trapeze

I was just playing around on the trapeze last night and had a friend take a picture of this crazy position that I just learned.


When I looked closely at the picture I discovered something concerning about myself.  Looks like I turn into a crazed vampire when I hang like this.

trapposeIsn’t that crazy!?  I’ve never seen that kind of red eye in a photo before! 🙂


Aerial Showcase!

I did it!  I did my first official performance on silks!!  I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself.  I certainly wouldn’t call myself an extrovert.  So, getting up infront of a crowd and performing was a tad bit nerve wracking.  But, I did it!  Heck, I might even do it again!  I really am enjoying doing silks.  I feel like it’s become a great way to express myself… like dancing in air!