2004 Christmas Olympics

Hello and welcome to the 2004 Christmas Olympics Medal Wrap Up coming to you live from North Carolina. We have looked over absolutely every little thing that we have received this year for the holidays to find it’s country of origin (ie where it was made). We find it a very interesting experience to learn where all our stuff comes from. This year, we are happy to report that USA has won with 29 ‘medals’, but they are followed closely by China with 22. The full listing of ‘medalists’ are:
USA – 29
China – 22
Mexico – 4
Canada – 3
France, Italy, Holland, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia all with 2 medals
Costa Rica, Brasil, Isreal, Korea, Portugal, Ireland, Singapore, El Salvador, Columbia, India, and Cambodia rounding it up with 1 medal each.
For those gifts that we were so excited to use (like those really cool fuzzy socks) that we ripped the tags off we have the Unknown country category with a total of 10 medals.
(Yes I know that sounds like a lot of gifts, but every book, jar of jelly, and piece of clothing counted as one medal each. Plus, don’t forget that we have an 18 month old and gift happy grandparents:-)
Thank you for supporting our 2004 Christmas Olympic Games and please keep us in mind next year when you are buying your gifts and try to support countries with fair labor practices.

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