Today’s plantings

Happy Spring Equinox!

Today in the garden, I’ve been busy! Here’s what I’ve been planting:

In raised bed #1 -Seeds of white clover to use as an undercrop (corn, summer squash, radish, aster and pumpkin will be added later)
Bed #2 – Potatos and parsley seedlings(bush beans, cilantro, dill, and a zinnea will be added later)
Bed #3 – (watermelon, cantaloupe nasturtium, and radish later)
Bed #4 – Onion, carrot, and beet seeds planted, Chard seedlings planted (eggplant, pepper, cosmos, calendula, blackeyed susan, and blanket flower to come later)
Bed #5 – Sweet Alyssum and nasturtium seeds planted (cucumber, zuchini and marigold later)
Bed #6 – Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, and Arugula seedlings planted (tomato, basil, borage, and cosmos later)

I also have some sorrel and other yummies that I want to fit in somewhere. I will probably start a big ‘perenials’ bed with herbs and more too. Busy, busy, busy!

2 thoughts on “Today’s plantings

  1. I can’t believe it’s nice enough to plant there!!! It’s so cold and then hot and then cold again! I have to wait until the middle of April.

    I’m so glad to hear that someone else is tackling a garden this year too! :)

  2. Most of the cold crops will do fine. I’m not sure how some of the flowers will do as far as germination. Our average last frost date is April 15th, so most stuff should do fine.

    And, yes, ‘tackling’ is a good word for what I am doing to the garden. :-)

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