How’s my hair doing?

Some of you may be wondering how my ‘no shampooing’ is going. I think it’s been almost 2 months… It got to a point where it just felt sticky and heavy. Not oily anymore, but certainly not good either. Everyone said it looked fine, but I really didn’t like the feel. I got some soapwort and made this great sounding herbal “shampoo” with nettles, horsetail, calendula, cherry bark, and henna. I added some Lavender essential oil, of course, and it smelled great. How did it turn out? Like crap! My hair was heavy and greasy, the “shampoo” had no lather and certainly didn’t feel like it was clean. I ended up dumping a whole bunch of baking soda on my head to try to get the grease out. Then, I had to wash it again to get the baking soda out!! SO, I give up. So much for not buying shampoo anymore; making what I need, living sustainably. I know there are people out there who don’t use shampoo and can get away with it. But, I’m tired of checking in the mirror everytime I’m about to leave the house to make sure I don’t have a huge grease cowlick sticking out of the back of my head and I would like to be able brush my hair without looking like one of those girls from that Robert Palmer video. Slick! So, I went to the health food store and found a shampoo that is made with lots of herbs and no chemical crap. Maybe one day I will be able to replicate it, but for now I will pay up.

One thought on “How’s my hair doing?

  1. i’m on week 3 of no poo…my naturally curly hair is intensely curly but it seems greasy now.

    before this, i washed with organic shampoo, rinsed with honey water then rinsed with vinegar water and my hair was shiny and clean feeling.

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