Farm School

Well, I helped my friend Trudy with her first day of farm school this morning. The kids (19 4 to 7 year olds) were supposed to be there by 9:15. But, their driver decided to take a tour around UNC and didn’t get the kids there until almost 10! The kids all listened to “farmer Trudy” while she talked about cows and their anatomy. And then she used a surgical glove and some whipped cream to explain udders. (I wasn’t there for this part so I’m not sure what she did, but I heard it was the hit of her talk:-) Then the kids split up into two groups, the cows and the horses. Half of them came with me to hear about plants and herbs, and the other half went with Trudy to learn about the miniature horse. So, needless to say, I had a lot of competition. Who wants to hear about plants when there is a horse around? Most of the girls were very attentive and loved answering my questions (what is a plant? who can name a weed?), but the boys… “When are we going to get to see the horses?” “I’m hungry!” “Is there cow poop around here??” We talked about how you can make a wish on dandelions and how you can chew up plantain to put on bee stings. They really liked to look at my press book of flowers and smell my herb soaps. All in all, everyone seemed to have fun. Next week will be 8 to 10 year olds. They will probably be a little more interested in the plants. I’ll have to look up more fun facts though, ’cause I think that will make it more interesting for them

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