Bumper Stickers

As Toby and I were headed to lunch at the local health food store we saw the following bumper stickers on the truck in front of us:

  • “Dead yankees tell no lies” (with three rebel flags underneath)
  • “Keep honking! I’m reloading!”
  • and lastly:

  • “When all the trees are gone, you can wipe your ass with the spotted owl”
  • I have a feeling we weren’t going to the same place for lunch!

    Oh! And when all the trees are gone ’cause of this ignorant idiot, those feathers up his ass aren’t going to protect him from the ass whooping I’m gonna give him!!! Or maybe I will tie him up, cover him with owl food and let the spotted owls have their way with him!

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    4 thoughts on “Bumper Stickers

    1. I like the “What Would Nature Do?” bumpersticker. I like the idea of letting the owls have their way too!

    2. that is one hateful, angry person. what does his karma look like? ((shudder))

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