Exciting news!

I just went out to look at my shitake logs to see if they are getting too dry, and found 3 mushrooms growing! And the logs all look like the are about to bust open with more!! yay!! My first ‘shrooms! Now I need a good recipe. I can’t let them go to waste! Maybe the rain we get this weekend will help bring on more! (Let’s see how many more exclamation points I can use in this post!?!!)

5 thoughts on “Exciting news!

  1. yeah, thats great. how hard is it to grow shitakes? do they require much maintenance?


  2. So far it hasn’t been hard at all to grow them. I cut 3-6 inch diameter logs 4 foot lengths, drilled 1 inch holes all over the place and hammered the shitake spores in. Then let ’em sit and soaked them every so often, when it wasn’t raining. I got my spore from http://www.mushroompeople.com/, and they included great directions. They require very little maintenance except an occasional soaking. You should try it!

  3. Thanks for the link! I think I’m going to wait till next spring since you have to bring the log inside if you start it close to the cold season.

    Aaron, my fiance will be so excited about this. He loves shitake mushrooms.



  4. I tried growing mushrooms earlier this year and was so excited when they “blossomed”; however, I have to admit I was neglectful and let them dry out before I harvested much. Next year I really want to try the log approach (and be a little more mindful of them :-)! )

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