Love is in the air!

Hey! So, we are finally getting home after a wild last few days. (Well, a wild last few weeks if you count the whole time Toby has been gone.) Toby has been in Arkansas for two weeks helping a friend tear down their house. We are hoping to use the wood from the house to build our own, once we finally find the right land. K was so happy to see her daddy that she stayed up until 11pm Thursday night when he came home! It was very sweet!

Friday was the rehersal and dinner for my step-bro’s wedding. And Saturday was the wedding. My step-family is very Irish, and as a surprise to everyone, my step-bro’s fiance hired a bag-piper to play while she walked to meet him at the altar, instead of the traditional wedding march. Very cool! Then, for the toasts, instead of having champagne, they served “Buttery Nipples” (half Bailey’s Irish Cream and half Butterscotch Schnapps)!! When my step-sis was trying to make her toast, she kept getting choaked up and downed at least 5 shots to get through. It was hysterical! K was a flower girl and did a very professional job :-) Here she is practicing how to put on her tights for the wedding:

And throwing the flowers (first she started picking up all the ones that her cousin threw, then she figured out the deal and emptied her basket in 4 big handfulls!

And, of course, there is always the post wedding hide and seek with daddy’s head

Then on Sunday, we drove back down to Raleigh to our friends, Mark and Alisha’s wedding. Another beautiful event! It was outside at the botanical gardens and the rain held off just long enough to have a beautiful ceremony. After, the reception was at this fantastic vegetarian place with more great food! I think I gained 10 pounds this weekend!!

Anyway, blessings to all of you newly legalized lovers! May your beds stay nice and warm this winter, and for many winter’s to come!! :-)

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