K’s experiment

We did a little experiment today and styrofoam “peanuts” vs. starch “peanuts”. I have to say, I was very proud of myself for thinking this one up! We put them both in water and watched the starch ones dissolve. Then K and I talked about how the starch ones were easier for mama earth to turn back into dirt and that the styrofoam ones took a really long time and kind-of give mama earth a belly ache. It was fun! It must have been peanut starch, ’cause they smelled like peanut butter when they dissolved

3 thoughts on “K’s experiment

  1. What a wonderful experiment! Where did you get the starch peanuts? I don’t know if I know the difference in what they look like!

  2. Hey Christine! I got the starch peanuts when I ordered something (I don’t remember what.) I save all of them to use with shipping my products. They look a little different, not as solid. You could probably find them on the internet, or I could send you a few…

  3. Great experiment. I’ll have to do this one with our kids. I did figure out a good use, besides reusing for packing, for the styrofoam peanuts. They make decent loose fill insulation, especially for sheds where fire is not an issue but I want to buffer the walls a bit.

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