Full Circle Herbs, for sale?

I have been thinking of selling Full Circle Herbs for a while now. I started the business in 1999 as a way to be able to keep my hands in the herbs while I got up the guts to become a clinical herbalist. I kept it really small because I never wanted to be a business woman. But, now I am getting more into teaching and clinical herbalism and I think it may be time to let go of the business. Instead of being happy when orders come in, I dread it. My time is so busy right now that the last thing I want to be doing in my spare moment is pack up another order. I’ve actually been trying really hard to keep it very small, but it keeps growing. Last year I made $1300. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but that was without any sort of advertising. I have a website, but that’s it. I think that this business could grow very well in the right hands, I just don’t have the desire to do it. So, how do I put a price on this??
I have an established business, established clients, logo and known business name (at least locally), a kick-ass website (thanks T!), a 1-800 #, already made products, and hundreds of herbs! Any thoughts? What would you pay for something like this if you really wanted to own an herb business?

4 thoughts on “Full Circle Herbs, for sale?

  1. Wow! If that isn’t tempting! 😉

    An accountant would tell you that you’d need to take a stock of the inventory, value it, put a value on the Name, look at the income the business derives, and that would come to your selling price.

    Would you sell the inventory of products/herbs plus the recipes to make more?

  2. The husband of a mama friend of mine is a business consultant. He said he would be willing to sit down with me and go over some things to see what the business would be worth. I just have to buy him some coffee and then pay him if he ends up doing the closing paperwork.

    I would sell everything. The products I already have made, the stock to make more, the recipes, the pre-made labels, the logo, the website… I am just ready to move into the teaching and community herbalism. It’s hard to be a community herbalist when your clients are all over the country. :-)

  3. hey mama – this year’s strawberry beds have about 6 inch spacing on each side (so each one has about a square foot) Whne I was taking ag classes, I saw a lot of famrs that did them as an annual – didn’t bother trying to get several years out of the same bed, but I’m gong to maintian these…. I’ll cut out the runners as soon as they have a few roots and put them in a nursery bed – once that’s full, I’ll just cut the runners and discard. I lost almost 100 of last year’s to weeds – watch out for that…they are so low they’re easily crowded and shaded out till they wither away.

  4. good luck! that’s a huge step to sell off your product line. another friend of mine just recently went through this…if i can find her email, i’ll forward it to you to give you an idea of what she is asking for it.

    i can’t wait until i am at the point that you are at…although, i never want to dread making the products!

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