“Dee Flowers”

OK, first of all, The Rebelles show was absolutely fantastic!!! I have already decided that I want to try out the next time they have auditions! My burlesque name will be “Dee Flowers” and I will be the hippie-hooping girl :-) It was so much fun! I went out the next morning and got my mom and dad tickets to the show this Friday! (I was almost hoping that they didn’t want to go so that Toby and I could go again!)

Anyway… it looks like the trashy trailer just below our land is about to be hauled off. There was a fairly nice, though slightly unstable guy who lived there and collected junk. Now, when I say collected junk, you may picture a few toys and cars in the yard… but, I’m talking a full acre of total crap in his yard: at least 50 tires, a 4 foot pile of vodka bottles, old roofing tin, broken “no-harm” animal traps… the list goes on. So, the land is owned by the mother of the guy who lives there. After a few fines by the county, she decided it was time to clean the place up and the only way to do that was to evict her son. So, hopefully the junk will go soon too!

The chickens are doing well, although we think our Delaware, Ruby, might be a boy. The comb on her head has gotten more pronounced recently and her chin is starting to get some color too it. We’ll see…. Their favorite foods to date: pineapple, mana bread, tomatos. Dislikes: Seaweed and comfrey (what’s wrong with them?)

Toby and I have a preliminary house design. It is a 16 sided cord wood house, ~40 feet in diameter. There will be a second story 8-sided structure above for the “master suite”, woo woo! Toby has also started taking down some poplar to cut up for the cord wood siding. The bark that comes off of the poplar is amazing! I am hoping to figure out how to make something out of it, like bark baskets or something. OH, we hope to have some pretty bottle designs in the house too. So, if you have any bottles with cool shapes or colors, please save them for us! (Red bottles are especially rare because they have to use gold to make the color, so save ’em!)

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2 thoughts on ““Dee Flowers”

  1. If I run into any neat bottles I will save them for you. The house sounds very impressive. That’s wonderful that you’ll be able to use your own poplar. Bark baskets would be a great use for the bark.

    I’ve only been ordering pullets, but always end up with a rooster in the mix! I groan some mornings when they start crowing at 3-4 am!!!

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