Today’s Haul

Toby and I headed out today to pick up the shower and some wood for exterior (upstairs) siding.  On the way, we stopped by the Habitat store to see if there was anything new and got a great haul!  We picked up another antique door (this one for our bedroom) for $25, a cast iron kitchen sink in great condition for $75 (retails new for $400), and a jenn-air gas convection oven for $125!!!  The oven is between 6 and 9 years old, but is in great condition.  We found similar models on the internet for ~$2000!!!  Wahooo!!

Right now, I’m enjoying a little popcorn snack that I’ll share with you, since you asked…

Pop up some popcorn in a little olive oil (we use the stove instead of a microwave).  Then add a splash of tamari (enough to get some flavor but not so much as to really wet the popcorn).  Sprinkle on some nutritional yeast (I like lots… add it to your taste), and a dash of spirulina.  A really yummy treat with lots of minerals and B-vitamins!  (Well, Toby thinks it’s gross, but I love it!!)

2 thoughts on “Today’s Haul

  1. Do you like your local habitat store? I have been reading freerange living’s blog and she finds some of the most amazing treasures in hers (Canadian).I have not gone to our local 2, but hope by next month to stop in. Can anyone shop in those or do they make you prove income, house ownership?
    I find it rather interesting that many people are unaware of these stores and yet there are so many who do. Maybe its due to no advertising. I was unaware we even had one nearby untill Cheryl at the above mentioned, posted a link to their location directory.

  2. Ohh, We LOVE! that local Habitat store!! We have to go often to find the good stuff, cause there turn over is really quick. But, we got all our windows, doors, kitchen sink, convection oven, and many other things from them!! You should check your’s out! Oh, and anyone can shop there!

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