Meet Isabella and Daisy

We finally got our kitties! We’d been putting it off until we were in the house. There is still a ton of unpacked stuff and clutter that they can get into, but we were ready to have them come home. They are roaming around the house right now, figuring out where everything is. They chortle at each other to keep tabs on where the other cat is. Isabella is a 3 year old black and white devon rex and she is really beautiful. Her coat is so shiny and soft. She has really cool racing strips on her hind legs! She’s a total love, too! She runs at you, head butts you, and rubs against you as hard as she can. And if you put your hand above her, she will grab it with both front paws and rub it with her head. She wasn’t being very photogenic though, so I’ll post more pics later.

Her daughter is about 3 1/2 months old and a little wild child. She’s a tortoiseshell in color and very pretty also! She found a toy that we attached to the door and played with it for ~1 hour tonight. Kaia has decided to call her Crazy McDaisy… Daisy for short. So now we have another Daisy the curly haired cat :-)

Max is not the happiest of cats. He has been cranky and hiding most of the day. When the cats get close to him he growls and hisses. Hopefully they will learn to be friends! He could use a good snuggle friend!

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3 thoughts on “Meet Isabella and Daisy

  1. They are all totally cute and look totally cuddly. I miss having cats in the house.

  2. Oh, I cannot wait to meet the new neighbors!! When Max realizes they are body heat, he will love them. Those cats will love the house, so many open places for them.

    Welcome home Isabella and Daisy!

  3. Congratulations! And welcome home to Isabella and Daisy. Of course, I LOVE the name Daisy; to me, it’s such a happy and sunny name, just perfect for a Devon Rex.

    ps: I laughed and laughed at your knock-knock joke!

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