Poodle Noodle’s girlfriends

We’ve added some ladies to our chicken family… two silkie pullets. One is white (“Snowflake) and probably about 3 months old. The other is blue (I think) and ~2 months old; her name is “Rainbow Sparkle” but Kaia has agreed that it is ok if we just call her Sparkle. They are total sweeties! Sparkle likes to be held and petted. She was getting really picked on by Honey, one of our older Ameraucanas, so we had to separate the new little ones from the rest. Hopefully just for a little while.

Oh, and on an egg note, we got our first egg in months, finally! The old girls are finishing up their molt and the new ones hadn’t started laying yet. But, Vera, our Faverolle, laid her first egg today! Yay!

I love their blue ears!

One thought on “Poodle Noodle’s girlfriends

  1. Probably a good idea to separate them until they can defend themselves. They are sooo cute. We are looking for a black silkie now.

    By the way, where are you keeping them?

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