Coffee Fossils

As part of our dinosaur studies, Kaia and I made some coffee fossils.

(Yes, that was me who shoved Jasmines head into the clay to see what it would look like!)

It was a really simple recipe with very cool results!

I love having things like this to do in our home school days.  I often feel like we don’t get enough hands on and creative learning.  Her math and spelling/language shouldn’t ever take more than about 45 minutes total of our day, but still… sometimes it seems like all day!  I’m getting better at adding in more creative stuff, but it takes creative effort on my part to find or develop these things, and after a full day of teaching/learning/playing often, all I want to do is put my feet up and veg out!  We’ve only been at this for 7 weeks, though and I think we are doing pretty darn good!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Fossils

  1. Here are a couple of links I came across maybe you or someone else will find them useful. Freely Educate is a free video site… and Educational Videos for kids…
    Your apron is lovely, what a great first project! I love seeing what you and the kids create, brings back lots of fantastic memories! Always make time for the creative stuff, more is caught than taught.

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