Pine Car Derby Races

When Kaia heard her Girl Scout troop would be allowed to compete in the Boy Scout’s Pine Car Derby Races, she was very excited.  But, I’ll tell ya’ the person who was most excited was my former Webalos husband!  Kaia and Toby planned, sketched, and carved!  I burnt details into the wood and painted on some flames.  Kaia added weights to the bottom to make it weigh the maximum amount allowed so it would have more speed on the downhill slope. Then she sealed the holes with wax.  Today at the races, there were about 20 girl scouts participating and Kaia’s car, “Fire”,  took 4th place.  The top four cars were very fast!!!  Unfortunately, only the top 3 won trophies.  Kaia had a blast, though, and was super excited that her new friend took second place.

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