Hey there again!

Sorry for the brief interruption in the site! We got hit by a porn hacker who was trying to download viruses onto peoples computers. But, we have cleansed ourselves of their porny ways and are back up and running!

SOOOOO! Here’s what’s happened in the one day that we were down…. WE passed electrical, mechanical, and plumbing final inspections!!!!!!! We have a few more things to do and then it’s on to the final final inspection before we can move in!!! Can you see me doing another dance????

So, here are some pictures from the last week:
Putting the plywood, and then the backerboard down for the marble countertops (with the help of our amazing carpenter cat)

We had to buy a special tool for cutting the granite and marble. We are doing a mosaic of the pieces that we have, but we still needed to make some cuts.

Here’s what the area around the sink looks like so far. We haven’t grouted it yet…

Installing the fan…

…from a precarious position

Fixtures going up!

This week’s progress

The cordwood is done!!! I’m sorry, I don’t think you heard me loud enough…. IT’S DONE!!!! Yeah, I said it! It’s done!!! No more lime putty, no more sawdust insulation, no more holes in the walls!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! You now have my permission to get up and do a little dance with me!!! 🙂

I’ve got some of it cleaned up, but I want to do a better cleaning before I publish an indoor picture, and I’m sure I will be posting lots of pictures after this next week!

The electricians, plumbers, gas guy, and painter (for the outside) are coming out to finish up in the next week and a half. We’re still trying to arrange a mulch blower truck to come and blow the soil on the roof (but the inspector said that he won’t require us to have the dirt on the roof for our final Certificate of Occupancy, so we don’t have to worry about the soil right now!)

We’ve got the bathroom vanity mostly done, started laying the marble on the kitchen counters, got the railing up on the stairs, put up all the battens outside, and a bunch of other things! I hope to take a bunch of pictures in the next few weeks for you all! We’re in the final stretch!!!!

Discovering the roof

Max has been staying with us in the upstairs bedroom, and seems to like it there.  Today, while I was doing some more cordwood, I left the door to the bedroom open so Max could explore the rest of the house.  He seemed to get a kick out of running up and down the stairs.  The temp. got to 70 today, so I opened all the windows and doors, and Max decided to explore the roof.


I think he likes it out there!


Toby took the pics with his phone camera, so the quality isn’t too great, but can you see the smile?


We had a busy weekend doing things other than working on the house.  But, 5 of the cordwood walls are now done inside and out, (WOOHOOO!) and I will hopefully finish them off early this week.  A lot of the ‘big’ stuff that needs to be done so we can move in are things that we are waiting for others to do… like plumbing, electric, and gas finals, finishing the stairs, painting the house, and dirt on the roof.  Oh, speaking of dirt on the roof… I may have found a way to get it up there that doesn’t involve us and a bunch of 5 gallon buckets full of dirt!  I’m going to try to hire a mulch blower truck.  They work well with dry, light dirt also and can blow it up on the roof!  There is a long hose and someone stand at the end and directs the dirt exactly where we want it.  Wouldn’t that be great!!!???

Closer and closer!!

Lots of progress this weekend!

Kaia and I seeded the yard.  We put red clover everywhere, field peas in front of the house, oats behind the house, and wildflowers in the front field area.  If they all grow, we will have lots of herbs and medicine, along with a beautiful yard!
We found a great vanity at an antiques warehouse. I only measured for the size of the sink and forgot that I needed to leave room for the faucets, and after buying it realized that it wasn’t deep enough. So we attached some pine boards to the side and stained them the same color as the original vanity.



Then we took a 2 inch slab of oak that Toby’s brother gave to us, cut it and framed it for the top of the vanity. I need to add a strip of wood to the front, and we’ll cut the hole in it for the sink and faucets once the glue dries.




A lot of the little finish carpentry details are getting done too. Here, on the cordwood side of the house, where the concrete slab meets the foundation there is 2 inches of insulation.

So, that has been covered by a boxed out baseboard. We’ll probably run a little strip of wood along the bottom to close up that gap and I’ll finish it all with the Earthpaint oil.


And you may have noticed that the cordwood looks much cleaner and lighter in the above picture. Here is what that same spot looked like before:


To clean it up, we first sprayed it down lightly with bleach. We got this suggestion from Clarke Snell and it worked like a charm to lighten the wood ends. Then we took a metal putty knife and scraped the extra mortar off of the log ends. Then we used a hard bristle bathroom scrub brush to give the logs a final cleaning. We will scrub the outside logs, but not bleach them… they will weather anyway. But lightening the inside ends really brightens up the room!

And last, but absolutely not least, we have a kitchen!! A good friend of ours, Bruce, who is Toby’s computer business partner, also happens to be a carpenter. So he came over on Sat. to help install the cabinets. (You know, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture where you can actually see Toby’s face… it’s always the back of his head as he works on something 🙂

These cabinets are fully installed. The dish washer and fridge will go along the wall to the right, along with upper shelves that we will build.


Here are the cabinets to the left. We haven’t secured these in yet, ’cause we have to build a bookshelf in the corner first. For the counter top we are using the marble and granite that we got (for free!) 1 1/2 years ago from a stone cutter who was moving his shop.


house progress

Why is it that when people come out to visit they feel as if they have to tell us how much longer it will take to build the house?  “Oh, ya’ll will never be done next month!”  “Whew, this is gonna take you guys a while to finish up, isn’t it?”  Ahh!  I feel like saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!”

Anyway, this past week we made a lot of progress on the cordwood.  The two walls in the kitchen are completely done, inside and out!  I just need to clean up the kitchen floor and we will be ready for cabinets this week!


We also worked on the walls by the front door, and we put our fishy in!!!  Isn’t it awesome??!!  So, we have 2 walls completely done, 4 walls that just need a small amount of interior work, and 2 walls to finish 1/2 or less in wood.  Maybe 3 or 4 more days or cordwooding!!  Wooohooo!!


While we worked this weekend, Kaiaflower entertained herself by opening up a Chocolate Lounge and making us all pies!

We found a great serving hutch (use to be used for silverware) that we are going to use as our vanity in the lower bathroom.  We are going to put a 2 inch slab of oak on top and set the sink in it.  Hope to work on that this week… I’ll post pictures.
We also redid the chicken coop.  We took all the trashy chicken wire down and put up 5 foot fencing, made a great little gate, and clipped the chickens wings.  Hopefully this will keep them in long enough for me to get some clover seed growing in the field.  (I also have some oats to seed so I can harvest them for medicine)


Check it out!

Our little home was featured in two articles in the New Life Journal this month!  This one about cordwood and this one which was an interview.  Cool!

We are attempting to finish the cordwood in the kitchen today and clean it well.  The kitchen cabinets are scheduled to arrive on Wed!  Woohooo!

Camp out!

I cleaned and oiled the sink today.  What do you think about the sink and the tile??? Do they go together??


Then I cleaned up the master bedroom, touched up any paint, and wiped down the wall and floor.  So guess where we are sleeping tonight!!


Woo hoo!!  I moved Kaia’s mattress from storage and put the air mattress next to it.  I even put another litter box in there so Max could join us. 🙂

Blessing our home

I need some creative thoughts here…

We are wanting to carve a blessing into the piece of wood that we put above our front door, on the inside. Any advice… It needs to be a fairly short blessing to fit on the wood. Two that I have thought of so far are:

May this home be a place of happiness & health. May those who visit & those who live here know only blessings and peace.

Bless this home and all who enter.

But I know there are more out there…. Let’s hear em!


Today’s weather was perfect for cordwood! Finally! We worked all day trying to finish up the kitchen area so we can put the cabinets in soon. We didn’t finish, but we got very close, thanks to some friends who showed up to help!

You can see here all that we did today… the darker colored mortar was from today. It will dry to the same white color. (YES, I do wear the same clothes in every picture! These are my ‘going to get really dirty working on the house’ clothes. And YES, I do wash them. 🙂 )

Here is what it looks like from the outside! Nice, eh? The opening in the middle is for the stove’s exhaust fan. Everything to the left of the window on the left we did last week. So, the kitchen area is almost complete! The cabinets will probably arrive in the next 7-10 days, so we should be good.


Keep on keepin’ on.

So, we’ve been doing lots of work, but not much of it is really picture worthy… you know, painting a door, latches for the windows, more trim…

But, we did build the vanity for the sink in the master bedroom.


I’ve put in and grouted the tile and trimmed the vanity.


Tomorrow I’ll wipe it down and seal it, then take off the masking tape and oil the wood. The sink will sit on top. It’s gonna be perty!  The pipe underneath will have to be extended for us to put in the access door.  We will probably have a rolling basket or something underneath instead of closing it in with doors and shelves and stuff.

We’ve also insulated in between the rafters and are closing them in with a board of wood. The cordwood will come up to and meet the board to close in the house.


We are all feeling pretty much over it! These gazillions little last details are draining! We’ve had some good weather so we hope to finish the cordwood soon!! Most everything that needs to be done depends on that. Once the cordwood is done we can install the kitchen cabinets, do the finish plumbing, electrical, and gas, and put the dirt on the roof. SOooooo ready to be done!  This April will be 2 years on the land, and in our cabin!

Calling all off the grid-ers

So, I got a call today from a tv production company in NY that is looking to do a documentary show on young people (under 30 or so) who live off the grid!  She is hoping to get some contact names for people who live (or have lived) off the grid and have a story to share.   She would love to get some people who are pioneering it without running water or electricity and such, but is also open to hearing from people who have the amenities, but are ‘off the grid’.  SO, if you are such a person, send me an email and I can pass on her contact information.  (Too bad they didn’t do the show last year, before we had electricity!  That week we had the 60 MPH winds and our fridge blew off the porch and our outhouse blew over would have made a great show :-))

Working on the Master Suite

I love how that sounds… “The Master Suite” 🙂

We have completely finished Kaia’s room, so we are trying to get our room done. It makes it feel like more progress to do one room at a time.

This past week I did lots of painting, oiling, trim work, and put the apron in front of the tub.

Here is the before picture:


And after:


The stove pipe has to be enclosed according to building code. But, there is still lots of space in the room, even though it looks crowded from the angle of this picture.
Here’s a better view of the tub:


And the pocket door to the bedroom (I LOVE the pocket doors! They are just so sneaky! Now it’s here… now it’s gone!):


We hope to build the vanity for this room this weekend.

And, here we are having some fishing downtime at the pond:


The frogs have started hatching and are singing loud, wonderful music on the warm days! Check out some of the eggs that are still to hatch! This is one of the smaller bunches:



The house continues slowly. All the doors and trim has been hung, and lots of little carpentry details are getting checked off the list. We’ve ordered a Caroma Sydney 305 Elongated Dual Flush toilet for the downstairs bathroom. It’s a toilet that has two flush options, .8gal and 1.6 gal (depending on if it’s #1 or #2). We were initially planning on just using composting bucket toilets, but you know… you have to think of the in-laws and other company that may be squeamish about the poo thing. 🙂 I’ve also got the cabinets on order. We are getting some fancy schmancy stuff! We were going to build all the kitchen cabinets, but we decided it would be more worth the time and money to just purchase them. Well, we will actually be building upper shelves and be buying the lower cabinets. I’ll try to take some pictures this week…


We started putting the finish oil down on the floor and MAN!!  is it gorgeous!!!

But first, here’s a picture of our new front yard!  Kaia loves the running room (so does Suki and the chickens!)


For the floor, we sanded it down to 220 grit.  The large floor sander only went to 120, so we went over it one last time with a hand sander.  Then we wiped down the walls, vacuumed, and ragged off the floor.  We used the One Coat oil and applied it with a lambs wool applicator for the first coat.  Look at the color!!

Then Toby went over it with a buffer.  It was pretty funny to watch him try to control that thing!


Then we wiped off any excess with a soft cloth.  The wood feels very smooth!


My favorite part was the landing at the top of the stairs.  We have all kinds of woods up there.  #1 is our only piece of tropical wood in the floor.  It’s Cocobolo.  #2 I believe is Cherry.  #3 are Black Walnut, and #4 is Spalted Maple.

And here is the landing once it has a coat of oil.  Beautiful!!!

This piece really changed colors once the oil was applied.  It’s very pink.  I’m not sure what kind of wood it is.  Any thoughts?


Tomorrow, we will put on another coat of oil.  This time we will use the Biopoly for a harder finish.  Buff and rag off and it’s done!!!

getting a yard

Yesterday was a busy day at the house. We started by cleaning up the mess made by 50 mph winds the night before. As you can see by the insulation on the roof, a good bit of our insulation was blown off the roof and strewn, in little pieces, around the yard! So the morning focus was to put it back on the roof. The top floor was finished with a layer of plastic, then a layer of drainage mat. We got some locust boards from a local guy and put those up in a ring around the edge as a way to hold down the layers, and hold in the dirt once that is put on. You can also see that we have some landscaping going on in this picture… leveling all the dirt piles that we made when digging out the foundation.

Here’s a better picture of the locust ring on the top floor.


And here is an in progress shot of the dirt moving. He will come back out tomorrow to finish, but it already looks amazing!!! We have a great yard for gardens and play!!


They should finish laying the floor tomorrow. It’s looking amazing!!! They used a piece of Black Walnut to delineate the entry way to the room and the closet. You can see it in the picture below.

Here’s another angle. I can’t wait until oil goes on… that will really bring out the colors!



The hardwood floors started going in today.  Only the upstairs will be hardwood.  The downstairs is concrete.  We found some black oak, locust, and cherry to add to the walnut, maple, red and white oak.  It’s going to look soooo amazing when it’s all finished!

They started in the closet:


more detail work

Sorry for not posting about the house in a while… there’s just lots of little details getting done. But, here’s some pictures…

Kaia’s room is close to done. A little more painting, some oiling of the shelves and window frames, and cleaning of the floor (oh and the bookshelf and hanging the closet doors… then it’s done :-)) Toby’s mom came up and did some painting today… doesn’t the door look great??? this is one of the antique doors that we got from the Habitat Store for $2.50! it’s a pocket door that slides into the wall! Cool, eh? The floor to ceiling book shelves will go in the corner behind Doris.  Oh, the there’s Kaia’s new magnetic chalkboard (that was definitely not non toxic paint). She said she thought it looked like a window looking out of her palace. We’ll probably put a wood shelf under it to hold chalk and erasers.

Here are the stairs. The oak treads and risers are down. I just need to give them a light sanding and finishing, and touch up the wall paint. But, I’ll wait to do that until after the handrail and spindles are in and the upstairs is finished.


Today, the guys worked on getting the upstairs subfloor ready for hardwood flooring. They went through 19 belt-sander belts trying to sand it down to a more even flooring!! Here’s the pile of the hardwood that we got from the local hardwood floor dumpster!! Mostly oak, but there’s some black walnut, red oak, maple, and a little wormy maple and a piece of curly maple in all kinds of widths! It’s going to be the coolest looking floor.


slow and steady

Progress on the house has been a little slow this past week. We got snowed in and no one could make it up our drive, and Kaia was ill this weekend. It’s also been bone chilling cold! But, I got out there and sealed and caulked the tub today. It looks fancy!!! All the window trim is up and the stairs will get finished this week (temporary steps come out, real treads and risers go in.) Then the upstairs floor and trim can be finished and the Master bedroom will be done!!! So, we could potentially move some stuff in there, just for a little extra elbow room.

Two of the stones in our new soapstone wood stove have cracked and I’m having a hell of a time getting them replaced.  Our local stove store seems to have gotten stupid over night now that we want to replace something and not buy it.  I’ve been trying to get one stone replaced since mid-dec. and the other stone broke this week.  Anyone else have broken stones with soap stone stoves?




All the trim is going up!

Here’s the design we decided on for the windows. Isn’t it classy. I think it goes really well with all the other angles in the house. For the windows, I am going to finish them with a wood finish from Earthpaint made with beeswax, linseed oil, pine resin, and citrus distillate. They are going to look fabulous! The door trim, and floor molding are going to be painted white.

These are windows in the master bedroom. The larger one doubles as our door onto the living roof ‘patio’.


This is one of the windows in the stairwell.


Tiling the tub

Toby’s mom, Kaia, and I worked on finishing up the tub today!  I love this kind of work.  It’s instant gratification.  We got the larger tiles almost 2 years ago free from some place that went out of business.  The color was a bit 70’s disco orange.  So, I went to the local tile place and got some marble and glass tiles (the little ones) to spruce it up a little.  Came out pretty nice, eh?  Tomorrow we will grout and seal it.  I’ll post more pictures when it’s done.



Oh, the local paper, the Asheville Citizen Times, sent a photographer out yesterday to take some pictures of us and the house.  They are doing a story on the company that makes the Earthpaint that we used on our walls and woodwork, and wanted some info from people who have actually used it.  After the photographer left, I realized that I had wood glue all over my coat, Toby had soot from the wood stove on his face, and Kaia had red eyeshadow on from an earlier “dress up” game.  HA!  I wonder how good they are with an airbrush 🙂

A good ol’ fashioned solar panel raisin’

Here they are, getting instructions from the boss.

And up we go!


They now sit to the north of the big house, just outside the back door.  (to the right of the panels you can see the trench we dug that lead all the way to the well)


I like this pic. because you can really see the intensity of the sun hitting the panels


I don’t know how everything turned out, ’cause I had to leave for the evening.  But, we should have our floors warming up soon!!

Walls are full of color!

Alrighty!!!  My mother-in-law came over this weekend and we painted all the walls!!!

As you walk in the front door and turn right, you see the study/office/xtra bedroom.  It’s “mulberry patch” colored 🙂 Yes, those are our new appliances… they are working on installing the solar water system in the mudroom, so we put the appliances in here for now.

Here are the walls in the main living area.  It’s “orange pekoe”  I love this color!

This is that downstairs bathroom… “Cathay Coral” color.  It will go great with the mexican talavara sink!


Stairwell up to the master room


Stairway looking down


The color I was going for in the master BR was a pinky-taupe… it turned out very purple.  So, luckily I have a mother-in-law who use to be an interior designer… so we pulled out some of the other paints and mixed us up a new color!

A little orange pekoe, pink taupe, and pampas grass green and you get a great bedroom wall color!

Here’s the mud room solar controls for the hot water… They are out setting up the panels as I write.


Let the color explosion commence

Toby can’t stand painting! He likes the building and the constructing… but not the painting. Me, I love to paint! I don’t know if it’s the actual act of painting so much as the complete change in the feel of a house once there are colors on the walls! I think, next to actually moving in, it’s my favorite part of a new house!

Kaia requested Pink and Green for her room. I know, the pictures look a bit like pepto bismal, but it’s actually a nice color, and the green tones it down a bit. The plan is to paint flowers, grass, fairies and such on the green lower portion of the back wall.

(Sorry for the drywall dust on the lens) Here I am, finishing up the walls, music blasting… Somewhere in this picture is Kaia’s secret room! Can’t see it? Mission accomplished, then!! 🙂 I like how my shadow looks in this one!

This is the back wall (which will have a shelf on it), closet, and to the right of the closet will be a floor to ceiling book shelf! Trim and shelving go up next. Then I will clean the floors!

Here I’m working on trimming out the Mechanical room (we call it that because it will house all the solar mechanical stuff, but it will also be a laundry/mudroom) I used the same green in here that was in kaia’s room. I really like the color!

Again, sorry for the dust on the camera lens. This room has no windows, so it’s hard to get good lighting in the room. The color looks kind of bland in the picture, but it’s really pretty. This is also a nice pic of our new water tank! It’s 120 gallons!! lots of storage capacity for the solar hot water. To the bottom right of the pic is the tubing that runs through the floors for radiant heating. I can’t wait to test that out!!

And finally, the pantry. Floor to ceiling shelves on both sides here too! yahoo!! This room leads from the Mechanical room and opens up right next to the kitchen. The kitchen will be a yellowy orange color that goes great with this green.

Tomorrow, I hope to tackle the downstairs bathroom!

Oh, I forgot to mention the paint!!  It’s called Earthpaints.  They are locally made, sustainable, non-toxic paints!!  I love them!  I didn’t feel at all sick or head-achey after painting and breathing them in all day.  They are also a little thicker than traditional store bought paints, so they don’t splash all over the floor.  But, the coverage is still pretty good!  And they are self priming.  So, I put two coats of paint directly on the drywall in kaia’s room.  The green is darker and only took one coat for the Mec. room and pantry (two coats would make it more durable though).  Great stuff!!  You should look into it if you are going to be painting!!  (Oh, I know I’d mentioned wanting to do milk paints, but once I did the cost calculations for the special primers that I would need and natural colorants and all that stuff, the Earthpaints were actually cheaper and less time consuming!)

More pictures

Kaia is just getting to bed… she was out at the house helping us light our first fire in the new stove!

But first, some pictures!

The drywall is all up. They finished in a little over a day! New guys came out this morning to start the mudding! Unfortunately, the hangers left big piles of drywall everywhere. So, I’ve got a day of cleaning up scheduled for me on Wed.

Here’s the door to the master bedroom upstairs… it looks so different with the drywall up. I can’t wait to get some color on those walls!


Here’s part of the kitchen. You can see a cordwood wall on the left. That is one of the ones that has the most work still to be done. We’ve put up plastic over all the holes and hooked up the stove today so we can try to keep the house warm… for the sake of the cordwood mortar and the drywallers.


Here are the mudding guys. They were really fast! I love the stilts!! They both turned around and stopped working to pose for me when they saw I had a camera 🙂

And here is our first fire in our new little stove! Woohoo!  It’s supposed to get into the teens tonight, and we are worried about the mortar.  It’s been a little over a week since we last laid cordwood, but still… we don’t want the walls falling apart because it didn’t set up right.  So, hopefully the stove will warm the place up enough.


So, as far as getting in touch with the guy who was jumping on the trampoline when her leg broke, I’ve written a long letter, but I have decided not to send it. I really just needed to get some stuff off of my chest and I don’t think it will do any good to make them feel guilty about it. I do feel like he needs to know what happened, but I am letting it go. I have enough stress in my life right now without having to put more energy into this.

I know… I know…

I said I’d post pictures a week ago… and here we are.

Well, in the past week all the dry wall has gone up.  I was waiting for them to mud it before I took pictures, but I may take some and post ’em anyway…  We also have a 165 foot trench going from our well to our house.  Toby and I laid the water pipe and electric wires in it today, before the rain started.  Tomorrow, we hope to hook up the stove so we can heat the house.  There are still large holes in the cordwood walls, but we will probably put up some plastic to try to keep the place warm so the walls will try properly.

Kaia got her cast off on Thursday.  Doc says her bones look great and she has no restrictions.  She’s walking with a limp while she works out the stiffness and gets more confident.  Occasionally her leg will hurt and then she gets scared again about using it.  You know, I’ve been trying to get in touch with the guy who was jumping on the trampoline with her and double bounced her when her leg broke.  I was kind of expecting to hear from him or his wife to ask how Kaia was doing, but it’s been a month since it happened and I haven’t heard a peep.  I didn’t know who he was so, I asked a friend who goes to a library story time with them to get their contact info.  Really, I just wanted to let them know what happened so he would stay off the kids equipment next time… Guess what… the wife refused to give out her contact info!  She knew Kaia broke her leg and hasn’t even told her husband!!  She didn’t want to upset him!!  Then she had the nerve to ask my friend if I wanted money!  Can you believe the nerve??!!  MY child has a broken leg and she doesn’t have the balls to say “I’m sorry” or to even tell her husband what the consequences of his actions were!!!  When I have the quiet of mind to be able to compose a letter, I’m going to have to put a few words to paper and let them know some of the hell that we’ve gone through in the past month because of their actions!

Another cordwood party

We had great weather for our cordwood party today… low 60’s!  And it is supposed to be like this all week.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish like we had hoped we would.  We had problems getting the lime mortar to the right consistency.  It was too wet and mushy, no matter what we did.  We think the sand was just to wet, so we are going to try to dry it out a little before we mix more mortar.  I know, it’s my fault for wanting the white lime walls instead of the gray concrete mortar.  If we used concrete, it sets up much faster, so we wouldn’t have to worry so much about freezing weather, and you can control the moisture a lot easier… but the lime mortar is so much prettier (and it’s better for the environment).  The inside of a cordwood house is already so much darker just because of all the wood, so the white mortar brightens it up a lot!

Still, we were able to completely seal up 2 walls on the outside (there’s still a little work to be done on the inside) and build up on 3 other sections.  Lesson for today:  Cordwood will take longer than you think it will, and if you plan on that, it will still take longer than you plan!!  I will post more pictures tomorrow when we’ve had time to do a little clean up.  The picture below is the finished sections.  We will ‘point’ them tomorrow (clean/smooth the mortar) and sand the wood later on so it isn’t all messy with mortar.


This section will be above the kitchen sink… I love the variation in color in the bottles.  Kristine, that’s your blue triangle, and Yia Yia Shannon, that’s your green triangle, Mom, the teal one in the middle is yours and the brown rectangle is an antique brandy bottle I gave to Toby.

We also picked up our stove and got some help unloading the very heavy thing into our home.  Here it is happily nestled in it’s little crate.  (Kaia looks very festive, doesn’t she?  She’s wearing her mermaid suit, but you can’t see the tail in this picture 🙂

The boys couldn’t lift it, so I had to carry it in myself!  🙂
I know…. the pictures aren’t great, but I hope to post more cordwood and stove pics tomorrow!  Maybe we will have the stove hooked up!!

Thanks to all our friends (old and new) who came out to help!

Soapstone stove


We ordered our wood stove!  A Hearthstone ‘tribute’. It should be in this coming week!  Woohoo!  We debated between a locally made ‘Appalachian Stove’, which cost $1000 less than this one, and the tribute.  But, in the end, the reviews, cool look of the soapstone, and the hefty construction of this stove won out with us.  Guess we’d better move all the construction crap out of the living room so we can put the stove in!