Herb Spiral

I’ve been trying to make another raised bed for some poor little herbs that are in desperate need of a home. But, I seem to keep finding reasons to put it off. Well, I have finally been inspired by Stella and Steph to build a spiral herb garden. I needed to build something more creative than a rectangle. Thanks for the advice ladies!!

Here is the bed before the dirt and plants:

And after:

So far, there are only comfrey, chives and jeruselum artichoke in the bed. But, I will be getting a bunch more from another herbalist this weekend!! Yay!

And just because I am so proud of myself for taking a fairly decent picture with my camera, I have to post this. It is the flower of the pitcher plant that is in the ‘pond’ in our back yard. Cool, eh??

And just because I am so proud of myself for producing something so damn scrumptous I have to post this, too. She likes to pose for the camera and squints because she know the flash will go off. So, this is what happened when I said, “don’t squint, open your eyes.”

And after a little practice…

I could just eat her up!!

5 thoughts on “Herb Spiral

  1. hee…babies are so much fun! i LOVE your twist on the herb spiral! i suppose i should have posted an herb spiral challenge! 😀 jerusalem artichokes in there though?! those things grow so freakin’ tall! they might not be the best thing for a spiral….but you never know….i can’t wait to see an update once your spiral fills out….me?! i still need to finish building it….this weekend, for sure!

    thanks for all the advice and suggestions….i love having peers give me help in the herb world.

    we’re gonna have to meet someday!

  2. Yeah, it’s definitely not the best place for the jerusalem artichoke, but it’s the only place I have right now. When I finally get in the other be I want to make, I will move them.

    And, yes, stella, we definitely need to meet!!! Any plans on coming to NC anytime soon?? :-)

  3. Love it! I especially love your use of logs, something we have in abundance here! I’ll have to try that out.

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