So, you know how we all have that list of “things we want to do before we die”? Well, I am very happy to say I marked one thing off my list tonight! I did Karaoke!!! And it was a blast!! I’m so proud of myself. For some odd reason, once I got out of high school, I developed a pretty strong stage fright. I don’t like being up in front of people. But, I have always loved singing and really wanted to give karaoke a try. Plus, if I am going to be teaching this year, I need to get over this introversion. Plus, plus, I don’t want K to be afraid of being up in front of crouds just because mom and dad are. So, I did it! I got up there and belted out RESPECT by Aretha Franklin. And I did a good job if I do say so myself :-) When I was done, K said “Mommy, you are a great singer!” pause… “That was terrible!”

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