Toby and I had to drive both trucks out to the Habitat store today for their half off all doors and windows sale!  We were able to pick up a front door (with a nice big window), back door, 4 interior room doors (antique looking!), all of the closet doors, and 4 big windows for $144!!!!!  The antique doors are solid 1920’s looking doors that had an old price tag on them of $150 each (we paid $5 each!).  Under one coat of peeling paint is a beautiful dark reddish wood!  So, we’ll sand them down and see what we get.  We also got two triangle shaped windows that will fit together to make a square, and one large trapezoid.  We’re going to try to do something artistic with them :-)

I have occasionally written herbal articles for a regional paper called New Life Journal.  Each month they do an article on green building going on in the area.  Usually the houses, that they feature, though beautiful, are fairly large and expensive.  So, I mentioned our home project to the managing editor and she said she would be interested in doing a feature on our house when it is done!  We haven’t done the calculations yet, but I think we will have it all done (including solar stuff) for under 100K (maybe well under that, but we’ll see).

So, today is day 11 of the fast.  Physically, I’m still doing fine, but I really want some flavor in my life!  Everything makes me drool… Watching Kaia eat her animal crackers… Smelling a BBQ… anything.  Only 3 days left.  We’ll, then all I get is orange juice for a day and a half while I get my digestion going again… THEN, I will make a delicious, scrumptious, nutritious, vege, seaweed, miso soup! MMmmmm, I’m drooling again!

2 thoughts on “Score!

  1. You are amazing in what you find!! Your home is going to be wonderful! And inexpensive!

    Tell me about your fast. Did you not eat at all? Did you drink?

  2. Hey Lady!!
    How are ya’?

    For the fast, I drank that cayenne, lemon, maple syrup and water concoction for the “Master Cleanse”. That’s all I did for 14 days. If I was hungry, I took a sip. I felt great! Very clear. Still feeling good!

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