Day 8

Day 8 of the fast… a little over half way through!  Physically, I’m having no issues.  It’s not hard to do.  But man, I am craving food!  Especially carbs!  I have to stop myself from grabbing a snack from Kaia’s bowl every time she is snacking on something!  (Those bland animal crackers just look so good!!)

Toby has been experimenting with some new recipes… healthy things, and I’m really excited to try them!  It’s actually nice to have cooking going on while I’m fasting.  It makes the home feel warm and cozy.  I want to try the food, but I have to remind myself to be patient and that I will get to try it sooner or later.

6 more days…

4 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. keep it up!!!

    I found that cooking programs and cookbooks were my favorite things, sweet

  2. The longest I’ve done is 7 days, I’m not sure I have your will power and dedication. I nominated you for the Rockin Girl Blogger Award.

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