Pretty Bird

I was driving home today from getting the dog groomed when a bright red robin flew out in front of me. I didn’t hit it, but it made me think about how male birds are so vibrant and colorful (and easier to see from a car) and the female birds are not. There are two reasons for this. One is so the female doesn’t attract preditors as easily and blends in with her surroundings…since she is the momma and needs to tend to the eggs. The second reason male birds are more “attractive” is so that they can attract a mate. (Females always get to do the chosing.) They even have special mating calls to lure in the lady birds. In fact, there are many living creatures that have a more “attractive” male. But not humans. Why is it that females of the human species are the ones who feel they have to paint their faces, shave their legs, dye their hair and always look their best? A man can go out in his ripped, old, smelly tank top and stained shorts and it’s ok…he’s just been mowing the lawn. But women are made to feel like they have to shower, do their make-up and hair, put on nice clothes and freshen up before running that errand to the dump. I vote we all stop shaving and wearing make-up. Let’s let our hair down and just be what nature intended us to be. If we blend in like the lady birds, I’m ok with that. I like the way nature looks. Men, it’s your turn to do the attracting and work on those mating calls. I will gladly give my make-up kit to the first man who asks and I will even teach you how to use it! Anyone want a gift certificate to get your legs waxed. It really doesn’t hurt that much! Oh, and “Hey, Sexy Chica” is not the mating call I’m talking about!

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  1. Hi Maria
    Thanks for your Worm support. It’s great to know there are other nice people out there who are being proactive and having fun too.

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