I had some time yesterday, while I waited for the bus, to do a little random sampling statistical analysis (sound fun??). I had noticed this lingering fad among the younger college generation of wearing flip-flops; plain-ol’, beach-bum, flimsy flip-flops
I know flip flops have always been around, but I never remember seeing them so frequently. So, I decided to see what the ratio was of floppers to non-floppers. I took a look at the shoes of the next 50 people to walk by and discovered that 33 were non-floppers…that mean that 17 were floppers! That’s 34% of the total!! I find that totally wierd!! What’s the deal with flip flops?? Is it just that this generation is so laid-back that they wear their summer beach attire year round? Plus, how useful is it to wear such flimsy shoes on a college campus, where you walk or ride your bike (yes, there were some flopping bikers) everywhere, AND where the the pathways are made of brick, uneven brick! I mean, gesh, I trip with my hiking boots on!! Maybe I’m just too shoe practical. I should get myself a pair and see what it’s all about. I’ll get back to you with this 🙂

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