Did you know that there is a “Beekeeping for Dummies”? There is! I love the “dummies” series.

I started taking a beekeeping course last night and it is a blast! The main speaker last night was a sweet old farmer who seemed to run off track with every other sentence, but he was still so much fun to listen too.

Many of the bees in NC are dying because of a honey bee mite. So, aside from having a decrease in the honey production, farmers are having a hard time getting crops pollinated without the bees around. So, I thought it might be a good idea to learn to be a beekeeper. Plus, I get all the honey and beeswax I could ask for!!

One thought on “Beekeeping

  1. Have fun! We are going to split the hive we have this year and I’m going to try to take more responsibility for the “little”, new split….We didn’t harvest any honey last year b/c they barely had excess, but we do have beeswax, and we’ll def. have a spring harvest of honey this year…they were out buzzing the last warm day we had – so good to see they’re all “in there”. Just make sure to arrange for your package bees to arrive EARLY….ours fell through at the last minute! Drone combs are a great IPM technique for controllign varoa mites!

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