An egg to you all!!

One thing I really enjoy about any holiday is exploring it’s history. In order to create traditions for my family, I want to understand where all of our current traditions/holidays come from. I really like the way the history of Easter is described here. I never understood what a rabbit and an egg have to do with the resurection of Christ. But, it seems that the rabbit and the egg were both ancient symbols of resurection, fertility, and life. So, with the return of Spring we have the return of life, fertility… and Peter Cotton tail handing out eggs. So, in honor of ancient customs, I give you all an egg and wish you a fertile, prosperous year!

One thought on “An egg to you all!!

  1. Hey Maria, I figured I’d shoot an email your way or I would NEVER remember. We are having a play group down in Pittsboro tomorrow if you are interested in joining us and getting to know our huge crew [we number over ten moms and babies sometimes]. Beautiful egg!

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