Cleanse Day 4

Woke up early again today, but just a little crampy. I went back to sleep easily, but K woke up crying about crackers. This is the second day in a row that she woke up early and famished! You’d think she was the one not eating solid foods. I mean, she was crying so hard she was doing that can’t-take-a-breath- thing 🙁 It was so sad. So, Toby and I both got up and fed her cereal, raisins, yogurt and two eggs!! She must be going through a growth spurt!!

Today has been just like the rest except that I started getting weak feeling after 4pm. I drank more of the lemon mix, but I desperately want to eat solids! I may just do this for 3 more days. I’m feeling fairly cleansed right now, anyway!! Really, I am!!! Besides, we have a big weekend bash coming up the weekend of the 22nd and I would like to be done before that… just so that I don’t have to do all this when I am away from home. So, if Sunday is my 7th and last day, I will have time to go through the “post cleanse” stuff before the weekend. That should be good enough, right?? OK, three more days! I’m over half way through then! Yup… three… more… days….

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