The ladies are finally here!

Well, 3 weeks after we were supposed to get our bees, they are finally home and getting settled in! (We had a few miscommunication issues with the guy we bought them from, but it all turned out fine ) So, we lit our smoker and opened up our hives for the first time. I have to say, I am so very proud of myself for not feeling freaked out. It was actually really neat to be able to handle the bees and not have them all mad at me. We just had a little talk about how I was here to keep them healthy and happy and they listened well:-)

2 thoughts on “The ladies are finally here!

  1. how fun to start with two! We’ll definitely be able to do a split this year, just need to talk to our bee mentor and see when to do that. We have a whole hive and a half of “stuff” we bought at our bee society auction, so we’re ready to expand. The girls look happy as clams here, E ended up rotating the hive bodies, full of brood!, and adding our queen excluder and honey super. We’re excited about out first honey harvest, great pic of the drone on that frame!

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