Varroa Attack

Well, we had one of the state bee inspectors come out yesterday and go through our hives, show us how to spot problems, look for the queen, etc… Unfortunately, he found evidence of varroa in one of the hives. There were many bees without wings (a sign of varroa infestation) and we even found a few mites on worker bees. SOOO, it looks like we will begin our beekeeping experience learning how to treat varroa mites, do mite counts, etc… The MiteAwayII was just approved by the FDA for use in the US and has been approved for us in NC also. So, we have it on order. We have also put a rush on Sucrocide and should have it by Sunday. Both are classified as “organic” treatments. I’ve not even had them for a week and I feel so helpless that my little bee ladies are sick!!

5 thoughts on “Varroa Attack

  1. We’ve been wanting to attempt beekeeping, but with the circumstances of this spring, it looks like we’re going to have to wait. Well, it gives me time to study up on what we need, and glean everything off you. 🙂

  2. With mites being so pervasive now, eliminating them entirely is near impossible here. Use treatments and monitor – as long as you keep the mites in check, your girls should be ok. (Our russians have shown themselves to be a bit resistant to mites as promised). Good luck!

  3. hope the bees get well soon!

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