Hey! Sorry most of my posts have just been my herb reviews lately. Things have been really busy around here and I haven’t had much chance to catch up on the blogging. I did, however, have time to try to make a little chocolate! I ordered cocoa nibs from Chocolate Alchemy and roasted them Sat. morning. Then I put them through my champion juicer to try to make a liquor, but it just seemed to be grinding it up and making them into a paste. Then, the juicer started to smoke, so I thought it might be a good idea to move on to another appliance. So, I put it all in my Vita-mix blender and added a little grain alchohol and maple syrup (thinking I could make a tincture for “chocolate medicine!”). Then, I poured it all into a bottle. But, when I checked it this morning, most of the cocoa seed pieces have expanded to take on the liquid and now it is a thick paste stuck in the bottle!! SO, I am going to let it soak there for a few weeks and then either try to scrape it out (it’s a narrow neck liter bottle!), or cut the glass in half!! I am not throwing my chocolate away!!!

I still have a pound and a half of the nibs left. I don’t know what I am going to do with those yet.

roasted nibs

ground nibs

2 thoughts on “Chocolate!

  1. Thank you for posting your adventures. I for one am learning through you Could you eat the nibs plain like nuts ? or brew them like coffee ? Bet the kitchen smelled awesome :O)

  2. Oh yeah! You can eat the roasted nibs just as they are. They are very bitter, though. So, they are great for digestion and extremely high in antioxidants! I bet they could be brewed like coffee too. That would be really yummy!! I throw a few in my oatmeal in the morning.

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