Purple, sparkly fairy dress

Last week, I promised K that I would make her a “purple, sparkly fairy dress” when she got over the chicken pox. So, yesterday, we went to the fabric store and she picked out what she wanted for her dress, and I spent the afternoon sewing. I have to say that I am very impressed with what resulted, ’cause I don’t know how to sew! I took the basic idea from another dress that K has and came up with this:

Isn’t that awesome!! If I thought I could even come close to repeating it, I would make one for myself too!! :-) And K likes pockets, so I made two in the front for her:

And here are her wings in the back. They are held on by a button, so she can take them off if she doesn’t feel like flying:

This week is also graduation for my herb school! Then, in one month, I will start the clinical preceptorship and begin seeing clients. I have seen clients before, but taking an ‘official’ course makes me feel more confident in my skills and more qualified to teach other herb students. I will be teaching Male and Female Anatomy and Physiology, Respiratory A&P, and select herbs to go along with those to the first level students that are beginning school in two weeks!

Oh, and on the beekeeping front, both of our hives made it through the winter and seem to be holding strong! We hope to move them up to our new land soon so that they can take advantage of all the Tulip poplars out there during blooming season!

Oh (again), and the Chia heads are growing!!

8 thoughts on “Purple, sparkly fairy dress

  1. what a cute dress! you did good mom!

    congrats on graduating…i didn’t even realize you were attending. that sounds like a huge step! will you be opening your own practice or work for someone else?

    go bees!

  2. Thanks! It’s been an awesome class! I’m glad I took it!!

    My plan right now is to see clients on a very part time basis (my office will be on our land) and teach at the school as a way to bring in a little play money. I hope to get back to spending more time with Kaia, though. I feel like I am working full time right now with all the time school takes. I want to get back to full-time mommying and part time working.

  3. You did a great job on Kaia’s dress!!

    Conrgatulations on graduating! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Which school did you attend? Will you be teaching at the same school?

  4. Thanks all!!!

    I am taking and teaching classes at the Mountain Spirit School of Herbalism. They have three levels of study and tons of mini-courses. The Director, Mimi Middleton, is a Tai Sophia graduate with her Master’s in Herbal Science and she is bringing lots of great energy and info to the school. I feel very privileged to be a part of it all!!

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