Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Well, we closed without a hitch! We are now caretakers of 25 beautiful acres! We went up there today for a trash pick up… we go two large boxes full of beer cans and bottles, two 55 gallon bags of trash, and 260 pounds of scrap metal! And we didn’t get it all!! Tomorrow, we will try to finish with the trash and throw down some seed on the banks where the trucks have torn up the grass. Things are looking so lush up there. I found a weeping cherry, some blood root (Sanguinaria canadensis), lots of bulbs, and the dogwoods are blooming white and pink! Kaia decided that today she should have her first ‘nuddie in the creek’ experience. She ended up head-to-toe covered in mud!

On the bee front, both hives are doing well. One is going so strong that we had to split it ’cause they were about to swarm. I can’t wait to get the bees (and all of us for that matter) up to the land. Our lease ends at the end of May. So, we have 2 months to make ourselves comfortable up there and get started on the main house.
(And Kaia keeps saying she wants a baby sister!! Umm, I think we have enough on our hands:-)

4 thoughts on “Beautiful day in the neighborhood

  1. yay! congrats on owning the land.

    i hear ya on the clean-up. this place had a dump on it…13 dead cars, a huge trash pile (the tenants were too cheap to pay for trash service so they piled it up behind the barn) and countless other crap.

    i can’t wait to hear about your adventures living there!

  2. Wow, exciting news! The land sounds so great and I think it is wonderful that you and your family get to be its caretakers!

    (Oh, and can’t wait for pictures as the seasons change!)

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