The Chemicals in our World

One of the things I see in almost all of my clients (and that I have been working with in my own self) is an endocrine system that has been over taxed.  Many of us live in a state of ‘fight or flight’… driving at high speeds to work, eating highly processed foods while on the run, taking on too many projects, fitting too many things into our days…  And even those of us who have managed to bring down the stress levels in our lives still have to deal with an environment full of stressful and illness causing chemicals.  My friend, Juliet Blankespoor, wrote a wonderful article about this that I think everyone should read.

One thought on “The Chemicals in our World

  1. Really great article! I have been concerned about this issue for a few years now, but have a hard time convincing people that the problem even exists. Often times, people don’t seem to worry about what they can’t see. Thanks for the article!

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