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Last May, when I flew up to NH on a trip, I sat next to a really interesting woman from Paraguay.  She was probably in her 80’s, but she was a spry little lady!  We talked about family, raising kids, traveling… but mostly we talked herbs.  She talked a lot about Mate, which is a major drink in Paraguay.  She mentioned a couple of different recipes that her parents made with the Mate when she was a kid.  Mate terere was one, which is mate made with cold water and lemon, or cold juices.  But, the one I really wanted to try was Mate Cocido.  She gave a detailed description of how you take the mate leaves  and cook them with sugar on an open flame until it caramalizes.  But, once I left the plane, I couldn’t remember all the details.

Anyway, today, what do I get in the mail, but a package from this woman.  She bought me a pound of Mate when she got back to Paraguay and sent it to me with instructions on how to make Mate Cocido!  Isn’t she great!!  I can’t wait to try it!

In a pan put 6 tablespoons of yerba mate leaves and 3 tablespoons of sugar.  Cook gently while stirring and  brown the sugar. Be careful not to allow it to burn. Turn off the stove and pour 2 cups of water (or a mix of water and milk to make a total of 2 cups) over the mate and sugar.  Strain out the herbs and enjoy the drink! (If it’s too strong add more fluid)
I read a recipe on the internet that also suggested adding a little dried orange peel to the caramalizing process.  Mmmm, sounds good!

6 thoughts on “Mate Cocido

  1. you were here in NH??? Darn! wish I had known that! wish I hadn’t been so overwhelmed May! ;)…..ah well, maybe someday life will slow enough for me to catch up with you and every other of my once regular blog reads. 😉

  2. Yeah, I went up for a conference on Maya Abdominal Massage. We were ~45 min NW of Nashua. All of my mothers side is from NH, so I’ll let you know next time I’m headed up that way!!

  3. Cool! A professor I had brought mate in to class once, many years ago, and it was really interesting!

  4. Hi, Maria. I came to see the progresses in the house, and read this post about Mate. It is a popular drink in the whole area of southern South America. Besides Paraguay, in Argentina and Brazil people drink it all the time. In the coldest regions, in the south of Brazil, in Argentina and Paraguay, they drink it hot, as a tea. In the rest of Brazil we drink it iced, and with sugar (altough I like it better with no sugar at all). It is very refreshing. Everybody loves mate!

  5. I made the Mate Cocido this morning with a little sugar and milk and it was very tasty! I’ll have to try it cold this summer!

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