What I won’t give up to be ‘green’

A few weeks back I was tagged by Two Frog Home to tell the truth about the 5 things I won’t give up for the environment. This was a really hard one! Every time Toby would mention something I would say, “well if I had to, I’d give it up” 🙂 But, here are 5 things that are not going green any time soon that I don’t want to get rid of:
1- my computer: There is a ton of waste produced every time one of these puppies is made and trashed, but I don’t see any green options on the horizon for this one!

2- my car: I’m still very reliant on my car and would have a hard time doing without. We have looked and looked for a more environmentally sound option, but they don’t (yet) make affordable family size electric cars that I could power off of a solar panel. Here’ hoping!

3- prepared cat and dog food: With all the food allergies we have in our pet family, I have no idea how I would be able to feed the pets without the already made foods I buy. I know that there is a lot of waste in the packaging and the shipping, but there ain’t no way I could make my own perfectly formulated rabbit and venison food! Believe me, I’ve tried!

4- Toilet paper: I’m with Two Frog Home on this one! It will be a while before I’m willing to give up the paper and use washable cloths. I know I used cloth wipes with Kaia when she was a baby, but I was glad when we ‘graduated’ to toilet paper.

5- I don’t know… I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to think of something else… What do you think? What should I give up??

6 thoughts on “What I won’t give up to be ‘green’

  1. For me I’d pick for #5 – feminine hygiene products. You can have them when you can tear them from my cold dead or post menopausal hands. No Diva Cups , Moon Cups, or Soft Cups for me! And while I CAN see doing cloth diapers… Yeah, that’s not going to happen!

  2. 🙂 – While I would give up all the things on my list when I have too, somethings will just have to wait until its a must… Thanks for playing!

  3. I’m getting more concerned that we shouldn’t give up our freedoms and allow government to dabble in controlling our ability to solve many of these challenges in unique, original ways for our own families, as long as it’s not destructive to our neighbors. It’s getting to where it’s those freedoms that I’m just not willing to do without. I like that we can all try to problem-solve to suit our situations…I don’t want to do without individualism and family 🙂

  4. Yes, I am quite partial to regular old Tampax myself. I already live without TV, a computer, a dryer and a dishwasher. But I like having a biggish car (Subaru Forester) and I simply cannot live without traveling. I just got back from 3 weeks in Hawaii, and the plane trip pretty much killed any tiny carbon footprint I would hope to leave behind. And a “here here” to the writer above about missing our freedoms!

  5. I can’t live without Post-it notes….suppose I could figure out a way to make them with my handmade paper, but I love my postits!

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