Crazy Lady!

You can call me that if you like!

This Sat. Toby helped me finish up a new little chicken hut that I’d started. It’s a 3’x4′ shed that sits at the edge of the fencing of their run. The back side opens so I can put their food and water in. That way, their food and water isn’t sitting out in the elements. It use to be in the coop, but kept getting pooped on when they roosted at night.

This Sunday Toby and I started on our Guest house. It will be a 12’x12′ room with a 6’x12′ loft… a cute little cottage for little retreats. (Our friend who is currently living in a tent will move in there once it’s done in exchange for some help with the land and when the little one is born.) And this one will be painted yellow!
Here’s the location… to the far right of the cabin and storage building, where Toby and Kaia are (can you see them?)-

Kaia helped sketch things out for us on her drawing board-

We built the foundation-

And just like the first time around, Kaia helped Toby put down the flooring-

On Monday, I got out and planted 6 fruit trees… 2 apples, 2 pears, 1 cherry and 1 plum. I wish I’d gotten a picture of me swinging the mattock 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m taking care not to over exert myself.

Yesterday, I went out to the last hoop jam of the season, and I dressed for the occasion. My hot pants got me asked out! I told him “thanks but I am happily married and expecting my second child”. He said “I don’t care” :-O

Today, I planted 5 more trees… 2 English Walnuts, 2 Persimmon, and one more apple! Wahoo!!! I can’t wait for harvest time!

This weekend, I get to take a wonderful break at the SE Women’s Herb Conference. It’s my ‘ME TIME’ of the year!

9 thoughts on “Crazy Lady!

  1. i wish i could attend this year.:(

    you have a great variety of trees!

    of course he hit on you…you’re a hot hoopin’ mama!

  2. btw, which size hoop do you prefer? the 160 psi 3/4″ diameter pipe, 100 psi 1″ diameter or the 100 psi 3/4″ tubing?

  3. Oh, that looks fun! You’re beautiful by the way, and I can see your zeal for life in your smile. I wish it was the ‘american’ dream to be this naturally beautiful and lovely. Women would do well to discover this sort of elation and passion for true beauty and life.

  4. congratulations on your pregnancy! hooping must be so great for your abdominal muscles and i’m sure it sends great vibes to the baby. when are you due?

  5. Awwww. You all are so sweet! I really was having a blast! It’s amazing what a little sparkle, some hair bows, and a hoop can do to one’s attitude!

    Krisine, I really like 3/4″ 120 PSI tubing, if I can find it. Right now, though, I’m using 1/2″ tubing. It’s much lighter and doesn’t put as much pressure on my belly.

  6. You look terrific and like you’re having a fantastic time! Congratulations on all the fruit trees — you’ll have such a bounty when they mature! Hugs to Kaia and to you.

  7. And when this structure is finished you’ll have to build a springhouse and then a barn and after that a parking garage….

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