Grandmother bread

I’ve been doing lots of baking lately, and am really enjoying our new kitchen! I never have made much bread… maybe a little here and there in my bread maker. I have a vague memory of making bread with my mother when I was young and thinking how hard it was to get it kneaded and how much time it took to make. But, now that I’ve gotten into making my own bread, by hand, I’m really enjoying it. I love the kneading part! Plus, the smell of fresh baked goods is just so homey and comforting! I found this recipe for Grandmother Bread and love how simple it is. It comes out great every time. I’ve tried the white bread version, the whole grain bread, herbed cheesy bread, and cinnamon swirl. MMmmmm!!

Tonight’s mix was a white bread loaf that I will use in the thanksgiving stuffing, and a cinnamon swirl (It would be really easy to adapt this recipe to stuff it with pesto, or ham and cheese, etc. instead of cinnamon sugar)

What? You can’t really see the sweet, gooey goodness well enough? Here, have a close up!

5 thoughts on “Grandmother bread

  1. Isn’t it delicious? That’s the same recipe I use! It’s so versatile you can do nearly anything with it. Congratulations filling your new kitchen with all those scrumptious bread aromas 🙂

  2. We ate the whole thing in minutes. I did have a belly ache, but it was worth it. Next time I will add more cinnamon goodness. Thanks for passing on the recipe!

  3. 🙂 I had to control myself so we didn’t eat it all at once 🙂
    Tomorrow, I’m making the same recipe, but instead of stuffing it with cinnamon, I’m going to use pesto, spinach, bacon and swiss cheese!! Mmmmmmm

  4. I feel so inadequate! I’ve never been good at making bread, and living here hasn’t changed a thing. I’ll try this latest recipe and see if my luck improves! Do you do anything to compensate for altitude?

  5. Nope, not a thing… I think letting the yeast sit in the warm water for 5 minutes (“proofing the yeast”) really makes a difference. I’ve also been letting the bread rise by the stove, so it gets some warmth.

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