Knitting frenzy

Since Kaia and I took that knitting class at the beginning of the month I have been having so much fun knitting! I think I’ve really got it now! (And no, I don’t think I’m nesting yet :-))


First I knitting Toby some wrist/hand warmers. I got the basic pattern from a youtube video and tweaked it so that they were larger and longer to cover more of the forearm.

Then, I started on a rainbow set for Kaia (I got the pattern from here and decreased the size to fit a child’s hands). Isn’t the wrist ruffle cute??? After knitting one, which I thought turned out adorable, she decided she didn’t want them and now one of her stuffed animals wears it as a sweater. I may knit myself a pair!

Then I went on to a hat pattern. I knitted myself the red hat (that Kaia is wearing) from this site (on the side bar under “for you”). Toby liked it so I altered the pattern so that it didn’t have holes in it and was larger to cover his ears.

Then, I decided we needed some new dish cloths and used this cute pattern (the yellow one) to knit up a couple.

This is fun!! Unfortunately, I’m spending too much money buying new needles and cool yarn!!

3 thoughts on “Knitting frenzy

  1. OH the yarn buying gets sooo addicting. In a matter of 3 months I’ve gone from zero to 20 skeins of yarn… my husband stares at the pile warily and asks me if he’s going to need a second job to support my new habit! I’m taking a knitting class this month and I’m soooo excited. I know the basics but I have yet to make something with knitting! I’m inspired by all your creations!

  2. All this after only a month knitting??!! How did you manage your tension eveness? I’m struggling with that.

  3. I had a hard time with tension when I first started (I learned to knit 12 years ago and did scarves and blankets for a while, then quit ’cause I got frustrated with patterns). But, this time around it hasn’t been an issue. One thing I have been doing is rolling all my yarn into balls, I’ve heard that is supposed to make the yarn tension more even as it comes off the skein. Otherwise, I think it’s just practice….

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