Poor Sweet Suki

Wow… this just isn’t a good time for us as far as our animals go.


Poor Suki tore her ACL on Monday and needs major surgery.  She was just running around the land and must have taken a wrong step.  It’s just like a torn ACL in humans.  Since she is an 85 pound Akita, really the only viable option for her is to get TPLO surgery (If she were a smaller or much less active dog, she could have “suture” surgery, but it doesn’t work as well on larger dogs)  This is going to run us $2500+ (AHHH! there goes the savings!) but it will get her a new knee basically.   She’s 9 years old, yes, but she’s very active and healthy and if we did nothing she would go down hill very fast, probably tear the other ACL (because she is now putting more weight on that leg), and lose the use of both back legs!

This has made me think more about my decision to try to rehome the cats.  It seems like if I can spend that much on surgery for my dog, then I should be able to do more for my cats.  I know, I know, I’m so fickel!  It’s just it’s permanent!  If I get rid of them they are gone for good and that’s that!  I love my cats, it’s just that they are driving me crazy right now!  Maybe they need more toys… Maybe some outdoor time… Maybe a pet therapist 🙂 (maybe I need a therapist!)

Anyway, Suki is scheduled for a consult with an orthopoedic surgeon next week.  Poor Suki!

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7 thoughts on “Poor Sweet Suki

  1. We have a small bedroom that we used as an office in our house. We put a litter box in there and put our cats in there for as much as 1/2 day at a time. We also had creates for our cats at one time because we were going through a time of being away from home a lot and did not have time to clean cat hair in all rooms. We played with them when we were home and all was fine. We gave them treats at times so they would know they were special. Let’s just say “life” had to be first and I said this is a people house and people come first. For us it just had to be that way. The cats are now 13, 11 and 10. They are all in good health. I thought of your one cat that you need to buy rabbit for. Wysong from Michigan (it can be ordered over the internet and has a list of stores too) sells canned rabbit and that might help you sometimes.
    Best of luck to you.

  2. Poor Suki….Let us know when she has her surgery, and we will come and pay her some attention. I am sure she will be limited for a while. She is a wonderful dog. She is our local bear chaser offer.

    Pets are family. I would bet you the cats would be happier with you, with limited attention than in a new home. Soon the baby will be pulling their hair and ears and they will stay away and find something else to do.

  3. Haven’t had much experience with this, but maybe flower essences would help with your cats’ “clinginess”. They have essences for children who are feeling overly clingy – maybe they work on cats! Good luck with the surgery and with the cat decision.

  4. Aw, poor Suki is right! Our pets are our family. So if we were in your situation we would do the same (get the surgery). We even sometimes joke about how Shiloh is really a person stuck in a dog’s body, because her mannerisms are so people like sometimes.

    Wishing the best for Suki! I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job making her feel warm and fuzzy through her healing process.

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