Winds of Change

We awoke this morning to a lovely rain.  The kind that keeps you in bed just a little longer.  The rain moved out and a lovely wind blew in.  I love the wind!  I love to hear it in the trees and feel it come through the windows, bringing fresh life into the house.  When the wind surrounds my body sometimes it feels like it is brushing away my complacency or my worries.  Often it feels as though it is bringing in change, fresh ideas, lifting my spirits.   Think of the times you have been on the shore, in the mountains, or just in your own yard and you’ve closed your eyes, lifted your arms and let the wind carress every bit of skin.  You instinctively take in a breath, moving the wind down into your body, to your cells, cleansing your spirit.  Ahhh, what an amazing peaceful feeling!  I love the wind!

One thought on “Winds of Change

  1. I know how you feel, I like the wind most of the time too…it can also be a tease and blow my seed packets all over the place and laugh when I try to catch them by blowing my hair in my face so I can’t see….Just a spat I had with the wind yesterday…:)


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