My squash have been decimated!!

I just pulled one or two squash vine borers from every single winter squash, summer squash, and pumpkin in the garden!!!  The leaves have become yellow and wilted, and growth has been stunted all in the past few days!  I doubt I will get much of a harvest at all!  I’m really sad, ’cause I was looking forward to having squash throughout the winter, carving my own pumpkins, canning up lots for the pantry!  Do plants come back to health from vine borers???  I sprayed everything off with neem to protect the plants from reinfestation where I slit them open (I don’t know if neem will even do this, but I don’t fugure I have much to lose now.)

How are you supposed to keep these buggers out of the vines in the first place???

8 thoughts on “My squash have been decimated!!

  1. Diatomaceous earth. Its natural, chemical free rock dust. Safe to use around vegatable plants, its a very fine soil made from rock. Sprinkle around base of plant and work a little into the first inch of soil sprinkle more on top of the soil. I learned about this product when I took Master Gardening classes. It works!! (If you’re a beetle/ bug lover you may not want to know how it kills.) It may not be too late to save your plants, depends on the extent of the damage.

  2. I’ve got DE at the house! I just didn’t think it would work for this. The moths land on the plant, lay eggs, and then the larvae burrows in…hmmm, maybe that would work if the larvae were to roll around in it 🙂

  3. i was told by tabitha to wrap tin foil around the stems and somehow it confuses the moth from laying her eggs. it seems to be working on my zucchini. the squash i didn’t do it with were wiped out pretty quickly. next year, i’ll be wrapping all of them!

  4. Thank you so much Kristine! I was already putting together a list of the few squash that I can grow that are more resistant to these borers. But with the tin foil, at least I can give the other ones a try!

  5. Errrr. I’m sorry to hear this. Since my garden won’t grow at all yet it’s been so cold and rain I am “cheering” for yours.

    I was going to suggest DE also. I also read some place about the tin foil too. Couldn’t hurt besides your neighbors will think you are communicating with aliens or something, ought to put some on the roof top too…just to keep the guessing. :)O

    I think if the damage isn’t to be they should try and grow new fruits (squash) and leaves.


  6. K, I like your idea! Most of the neighbors already think we are pretty weird. This would definitely confirm suspicions. So far, the squash actually seem like they are doing really well. All but one of them has come back, set new roots and are putting out new leaves!!! I’m very surprised and happy!

  7. Something has been decimating our tropical pumpkins, too, but we weren’t sure what they were exactly. They definately got a lot of our pumpkins and ruined the ones just starting out, too. We hacked off the vines that seemed damaged and destroyed them but the others kept on going and left to their own devices have now put on more…who knew? the area they’re in has grown too weedy for DE to work right now and frankly we were just waiting to see if the vine would die of its own accord, but it is still trying to rule the world. If yours survive, I’d definately save those seeds for next year’s episode of Survivor 🙂


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