July Harvest Wrap Up

From the garden this past month I harvested:

  • Eggs – 70
  • Lettuce – 1oz
  • Chard – 1# (although there is a bunch out there that needs harvesting… we just haven’t felt like eating it)
  • Herbs (culinary) – 4 oz
  • Summer Squashes – 15# 2oz
  • Peas – 6 oz
  • Kale – 3# 4oz
  • Green Beans – 6# 2oz
  • Cucumbers – 50# 7 oz (!!!)
  • Onions – 2# (they did horribly)
  • Garlic – 11oz (did even worse than the onions)
  • Beets – 2# 6oz
  • Winter Squashes (just starting to come in) 7#
  • Berries – 3 quarts
  • Tomatoes (also just starting to turn red) – 6# 5oz

We had 4.9 inches of rain and I put up:

  • 7 1/2 pints of relish
  • 17 quarts of Dill pickles
  • 5 quarts and 9 pints of bread and butter pickles
  • 5 1/2 quarts of green beans
  • 19 half pints of Mango-Cucumber chutney
  • 7 Quarts of Indian Split Pea Soup
  • 9 Quarts Curried Zucchini soup
  • 12 Quarts Mulligatawny

WOOO HOOOO!  I love the way the pantry looks!

3 thoughts on “July Harvest Wrap Up

  1. What a bounty! Do you keep a detailed journal of what’s producing to track against other years? My garden is such a small-scale patio garden that I didn’t think tracking would be worthwhile, but with that much produce….!

  2. Wow! how do you find the time with the little one keeping you so busy to do so much canning?!

    Great job! I bet the pantry is very nice to look at!


  3. Stacy, my journal isn’t as detailed as I’d like, but yes, I am tracking what does well and what doesn’t… And what we enjoy eating and what we don’t. The broccoli took up so much space and produced next to nothing… don’t think I’ll grow it again. But we couldn’t get enough of the snap peas… I’ve got a second batch of those starting in the garden for fall harvest.

    Karyn, I do alot of my canning in the evening when the hubby can hang with Leif. But, Leif is a very laid back baby and will usually hang out in the stroller in the kitchen with me while I can. He’s just thinking about all the yummy garden goodness he will get in the winter when he is eating solid foods!

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