Bartelby Barnes Strikes Again!

The other day when I went out to harvest the zuchinni, I found this:


I swear, no one carved this!  Kaia’s explanation… Bartelby Barnes, the fairy of the garden, carved it to claim his zuchinni.  I think he was just letting us know that he has been hanging out in the garden beds.

3 thoughts on “Bartelby Barnes Strikes Again!

  1. That is too funny!!! 🙂 I had my daughter bending over and searching under toadstools that had popped up in the yard, looking for fairies the other day – I told her they love resting under toadstools! 🙂 She was hilarious to watch!

  2. Isn’t that something! Glad you shared your find with us. Did you leave a penny for the squash?

    I leave pennies all the time in my garden and yes they dissapear in a few days, nope no one knows I put them there except me….


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