August Garden Roundup

Things are petering out in the garden…. well, I’m letting them peter out.  The weeds have taken over, the tomatoes gave in to blight, the green beans are collapsing.  The squashes have all succomb to mildew of some sort.  The chard and kale are still going strong.  There’s probably 10# of it out there, but we just don’t eat it much.  I have to say, we are all kind of tired of food from the garden :-)  I need to get more recipes, but when do I have time to cook with canning all day?  And MAN, the cucumbers just won’t quit!  I finally found a recipe for a hot cucumber soup, so I will probably be putting more of that up for the winter.  So, here’s the august harvest:

  • Eggs – 148 (about half of the ladies started molting)
  • Cucumbers – 56# 4 oz.
  • Chard 5# 2 oz
  • Tomatoes – 15# 9 oz (all of the tomatoes that I have put up for the winter were from a local organic farmer who sold 30# boxes of romas for $10 a box!!!
  • Dill seed – a few ounces
  • green beans – 11#
  • Culinary herbs – ~2#
  • Winter Squash – 12#
  • Summer squash – 16# 2oz.
  • Potatoes 25#
  • Melons – 11# 6oz
  • Raspberries – a few quarts
  • Cherry Tomatoes – did fantastic, but we threw all of them to the chickens as treats… many pounds worth!
  • sunflower seeds ~1#
  • Apples – 3# Our first harvest from our baby trees!

It rained at least 5 1/2 inches last month, although I forgot to write it down a few times.  Seems like it’s been raining every day!

2 thoughts on “August Garden Roundup

  1. We planted the apples last fall. Some were just stumps and some were a little larger (the ones we got from the local nursery were older). It was one of the larger ones that had fruit. All of them had lots of flowers this spring, but we were hit by a few days of 20 degree weather and it killed them all off.

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