Passing on the tradition

Last week, my father-in-law passed on boxes of sewing goodies from his mother’s stash (so, that would be Kaia and Leif’s great-grandmother)! She was an avid seamstress and had some fabulous stuff! Look at this:
There were 4 boxes of lace like this!
This is just begging to be the hem of a frilly dress or skirt!!

Look at this lovely lace!

And there are all kinds of patterns!  Some obviously from the 70’s.

Kaia and I are going to use some of this to make some Greek goddess outfits when we study Mythology this summer.

And there was a nice chunk of this fantastic fabric!!  I’ve already made Leif a pair of pants (I call them his Party Pants) and might make a skirt for myself.

Here’s what happens when you wear your party pants to sleep!  Not a good idea to party when you are sleeping.

4 thoughts on “Passing on the tradition

  1. what a treasure! it’s especially fun going through boxes of fabric that belonged to a family member…you can just feel their hands in there. can’t wait to see what you create.

  2. What a wonderful stash of fabric and lace to receive. You probably couldn’t find alot of that today in the stores.

  3. I hope you will also make costumes to be with us in the Mardi Gras parade next year – what fun stuff!


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