Here it is!  My first quilt!!  I’m so excited!  And I love how it turned out!  We spent much of the afternoon playing I-Spy, building forts, and snuggling under it.  Kaia really wants to keep it on her bed, but I think it will be a while before I want to hide it away in her bedroom.  I got the basic idea for the blocks from this video.

I had a friend attach the front, back, and batting.  She did a freehand swirl with a rainbow colored yarn.  Very cool!

She even put Kaia and Leif’s names on the side.  It’s easier to see from the back, but the names are backwards in this photo.

“Look Mommy, hop grassers!”

Yes, they were attempting to make faces here!


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3 thoughts on “DONE!

  1. Beautiful quilt. Definitely a generational hand-me-down for the family. Maybe you can write a little story about it or a handwritten letter that is passed along with it. I have my gran’s old quilts that were handsewn and can only wonder what she was thinking.

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