Dear Valentine,

You are my love yes, tried and true.

I wouldn’t not trade you for the perfect shoe.

You give me love from all your heart.

You even crack the window when you fart.

You’ve given me two amazing children.

Though it’s cause of your genes I’d like to kill them.

You still love my figure after two pregnancies,

Even though my boobs reach for my knees.

You’ll take time off with me to play,

And know not to ask me one more freakin’ time if I want to watch that crappy movie – Groundhog’s Day!

Yes, I love you for all this and more.

(Like that time you killed that snake and put a hole in our floor.)

I hope that this day you feel loved, Valentine!

‘Cause your stuck, ‘Ball ‘n Chain’ and all

And you’re mine!


I love you, Toby!

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