It’s done!!

Finally, I’ve knit myself a sweater!  I’d been eyeing this pattern for a while and decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago.  I’m so happy with the way it turned out.  My only problem is that people notice it when I wear it, so I can’t wear it everyday like I’d like to, or they’ll think I never change 🙂  Here is the pattern for the Owls sweater.

Yes, one of the owls has different eyes.  He’s the leader of the pack!  He needed something to distinguish himself from the others 🙂

Toby was so impressed that he’s asked me to knit a sweater for him.  I’ve chosen the Cobblestone Pullover, but I’m going to knit all the way up, instead of changing to purl.  I’m excited to get started so I need to drag him to the yarn store this weekend to pick out his yarn.


3 thoughts on “It’s done!!

  1. what a great blog you have! i followed the link from the comment you made about macaroons over at my place!
    seriously, that is a beautiful sweater!

  2. I’ve seen that owl sweater on Ravelry, and was thinking of making one for myself. You did a great job. I really like it in the segregated blue.

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